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Beer has a very ancient history and a place in many societies since ancient times.

Some may not believe this but Sumerians were sure of it: Drinking beer was a necessity for man. After all, beer was the delighting drink that turned Enkidu from an animal to a civilized man. Half-brute Enkidu was wandering the steppes with his animals and ate grass and drank water. Gilgamesh, king of the city of Uruk, had sent the beautiful girl Shamkat to him. And she thought her how to live like a civilized person.

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Why should I make beer at home?

Even though beer has been around for thousands of years, people have just started brewing beer at home.

how to make beer at home
It Is Cheaper

After a couple of batches, the profits you have made will make up for your initial investment, and that is including the ingredient kits.

It Is Healthier

Home made food is always healthier than fast food for the simple fact that you are in control of the ingredients.

It Tastes Better

You get some experience, home-made beer will always taste better than most cheap and medium-level beers.

It Is More Fun

It reduces stress, makes you happier and you get to learn new things.

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How to Make Beer at Home?

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