5 Reasons to Make Beer at Home

Even though beer has been around for thousands of years, people have just started brewing beer at home.

“With the increasing availability of the necessary equipment and people’s decreasing interest in mass-produced, watery beer, home brewing has been on the rise lately along with craft beer. If you are not that interested, here are 5 reasons that may convince you to make beer at home.”

5 Reasons To Make Beer At Home

It Is Cheaper

Starting gear for home brewing costs about $100, but don’t let this intimidate you. After a couple of batches, the profits you have made will make up for your initial investment, and that is including the ingredient kits. Will that be cheaper than a $0.90 can of Bud Light? Probably not, but your beer’s taste will spike up the price/performance ratio a lot. Plus, home brewers don’t usually drink cheap beer, so is Bud Light really up for comparison here?

It Is Healthier

Home made food is always healthier than fast food for the simple fact that you are in control of the ingredients. Same goes for beer. Choosing clean and natural ingredients for your beer will not only make it healthier, but also tastier. Organic ingredients create a better environment for fermentation, which leads to a better taste. Plus, you can choose the amount of sugar and preservative you add in your beer. Less sugar and preservative equals to a healthier beer. Not only that, but the sheer amount of choice you have in regards to extra ingredients also play a role. Extra herbs and spices used in beer production such as ginger, basil, rosemary and cinnamon can have many side benefits.

It Tastes Better

Of course, it will take you a couple of tries to nail the taste you want, but after you get some experience, home-made beer will always taste better than most cheap and medium-level beers. Commercial manufacturers do not always use high quality ingredients, but at home brewing, you are at charge of the ingredients. You control the flavors, aromas, alcohol percentage, body and so on, and after trying out a couple of online recipes, you will get the hang of it. Plus, the satisfaction of drinking your own beer and realizing that it tastes great after waiting a month is a feeling that is not easily topped. Who knows, if you get really good at it, you may even start your very own craft brewery.

It Is More Fun

Unless you are an extremely busy, workaholic person, getting a new hobby is always good. It reduces stress, makes you happier and you get to learn new things. If you are a beer-lover – which I assume you are since you are reading this – what is a better hobby other than home brewing? First of all, you get to learn about beer production, which makes you appreciate good beer more and understand the principles of great-tasting beer. Also, you get to experiment every month with a different flavor, find your favorites and share your experiences with other home brewers.

You Get to Join A Passionate Community

Last but not least, home brewing lets you socialize more and join a growing community of home brewers, who share their own experiences and recipes online. There are many different websites, forums, blogs and brewing clubs that are ready to help newbies in this field. Plus, there are various brewing competitions to test your skills, from small local ones to national and international competitions, like UK National Homebrew Competition and New York International Beer Competition (NYIBC). Also, making your own beer will be just another excuse to invite your friends over to try your beer. So, what are you waiting for?

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