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Well-Known Hop Types
Beer Nutrition Facts And Benefits
Beer is Healthy
Beer IBU

Beginner’s Guide to Beer Hops

Have you ever thought about what is in your beer? To put simply, there are 4 basic beer ingredients: water, malted barley, yeast and hops.
Beer Hops

Beer Nutrition Facts And Benefits

If you love drinking beer, chances are you do not know how many calories you consume with each drink.
Facts and Benefits

Beer IBU

Beer enthusiasts know and often argue that there are various different perspectives we can approach and review a beer – its color, body, flavor, sweetness and bitterness.

Popular Beer Types

One of the most fascinating things about beer is that no matter how experienced and knowledgeable you are in alcoholic beverages, there is always a different beer type or style you didn’t try out before.


Beer Types

Ale Vs Lager

Historically speaking, beer is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks out there. Chemical tests reveal that the first beer dates back to 7000 years ago in Iran.
Ale or Lager?

Popular Beer Brands

Beer is easily one of the oldest, most well-known and consumed alcoholic beverages of all time.
Beer Brands

10 Biggest Beer Festivals

Beer may be the most social drink amongst other alcoholic beverages. You can drink beer in parties, family gatherings, friend meetings and bars, the list just goes on.
Beer Festivals

Beer Die Rules

Beer die, also known as snappa, is one of the most popular beer drinking games, after beer pong.
Beer Die Rules and Strategies

Beer Pong

Beer pong is one of the most well-known and loved party games out there. The simple rules, the drinking and the actual skill required to win make this an instant favorite among party-goers.
Beer Pong Rules and Strategies
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