10 Biggest Beer Festivals Around the World

We will talk about the biggest, most known beer festivals around the world. Let’s learn more.

Beer may be the most social drink amongst other alcoholic beverages. You can drink beer in parties, family gatherings, friend meetings and bars, the list just goes on. But the most social and fun way of consuming this delicious beverage is beer festivals. From trying out different craft beers with hundreds of other people to enjoying many side activities such as music and games, beer festivals are a joy in every way. In this article, we will talk about the biggest, most known beer festivals around the world.


1. Oktoberfest

Known even by non-drinkers, Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival in the world. It is held in Munich annually and it starts in late September and runs until the first weekend of October. It dates back to 1810, and today, more than 6 million people attend to Oktoberfest every year. It holds an important place in Bavarian culture, and a lot of people wear Bavarian costumes during the festival. Every year, around 6-7 million liters of beer are consumed. Many activities take place other than drinking, such as amusement rides, live music and games. Germans in other countries also celebrate Oktoberfest in their own countries.

2. Cannstatter Volksfest

Germans never cease to amaze. On top of Oktoberfest, they also host the second biggest beer festival in the world, Cannstatter Volksfest. It also begins just 1 week later than Oktoberfest, though it takes place in Stuttgart, not Munich. It is not centered around beer as much as other beer festivals, but huge amounts of beer are still consumed and around 4 million people visit it every year. It dates back to early 19th century and hosts many other events and attractions other than drinks, such as Ferris wheels, water coasters, roller coasters and its symbolic 26 meters high fruit-decorated wooden column.

Cannstatter Volksfest
Český Pivní Festival

3. Český Pivní Festival

Literally translated as Czech Beer Festival, Český Pivní Festival is the biggest beer festival in Czech Republic. It is held in Prague every year in May for 17 days, although it was cancelled in 2019 due to the lack of support from the city of Prague. With 70 of them being pure Czech beer, the festival hosts 120 different beer brands for visitors to try, along with various delicacies. There are hundreds of servers dressed in traditional Czech costumes, and live music and various parties accompany the festival during its runtime.

4. Great American Beer Festival

One of the biggest and most acclaimed beer festivals around the world, Great American Beer Festival is held in Denver, Colorado every year since 1982. This festival holds the Guinness Record for the greatest number of beer types in one place, with 3800 beer types from hundreds of different craft breweries. Along with that, competitions among breweries are held and lucky visitors get to sample winners. For this competition and its sheer variety of beer types, Great American Beer Festival attracts a lot of foreign beer fans and it sells out every year.

Great American Beer Festival
Belgisch Bierweekend

5. Belgisch Bierweekend

Held in Brussels every year in the first weekend of September, Belgisch Bierweekened (translated as Belgian Beer Weekend) hosts a wide range of beers from country’s 70 large-medium breweries. The best Belgian beer manufacturers are awarded for promoting Belgian beer around the world. Also, the entrance is free, but trying out beers have to be paid.

6. Great British Beer Festival

Started in 1977, Great British Beer Festival is held in the first week of August every year. It is also known as the “biggest pub in the world” and hosts Champion Beer of Britain awards. Every year, more than 900 different beers are served with half of them being British brands, and around 60,000 people visit the festival. There are other attractions such as live music and games along with food.

Great British Beer Festival
North Sea Beer Festival

7. North Sea Beer Festival

Another great Belgian festival, North Sea Beer Festival is held in Leopoldpark in the coastal city of Ostend, Belgium. Around 200 different beers from more than 30 Belgian breweries can be tried in the festival. Since it is held near the beach, restaurants serve fresh fish and seafood along with beer, and you can enjoy yourselves near the beach with other beer lovers, accompanied by live music and performances.

8. Wroclaw Good Beer Festival

Wroclaw Good Beer Festival (Festiwal Dobrego Piwa) is held in Wroclaw, Poland every year during the second weekend of June. It takes place in the huge Wroclaw Stadium and it is Poland’s largest beer festival with around 70,000 to 80,000 people attending it every year. More than 1300 different beers can be seen in the festival, along with live music performances, contests, food stands and even brewing workshops.

Wroclaw Good Beer Festival
Qingdao International Beer Festival

9. Qingdao International Beer Festival

Held every year in Qingdao, China in the month of August, Qingdao International Beer Festival is one of the biggest beer festivals in Asia. It started in 1991 as the 100th anniversary of Qingdao City. It usually starts in late July and ends in mid-to-late August, lasting nearly 1 month. Along with large amounts of beer, a good number of other events can be enjoyed during this huge festival, such as games, drinking competitions, concerts and different live performances.

10. Bitter & Twisted International Boutique Beer Festival

Briefly referred to as “Bitter & Twisted”, this festival is held in East Maitland, Australia every year on the first weekend of November. What makes this festival unique is that it takes place in an ex-maximum security prison called Maitland Gaol. There are more than 80 craft beers in the festival, and in addition, a wide range of live music and entertainment events take place. There are also big food stands and the chance to meet local brewers. Plus, you can explore the prison’s old cells during the festival.

Bitter & Twisted International Boutique Beer Festival
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