Beer Die Rules

Beer die, also known as snappa, is one of the most popular beer drinking games, after beer pong.

“To play beer die, you need a long rectangular table, 4 beer cups, lots of beer, 2 dice and 2 teams of 2 players. Some variations use 1 chair for each player, placed near each corner of the table. Game is pretty simple and fun, so after you get the required stuff, read this guide and start rolling!”

Beer Die

Setting Up Beer Die

  1. Set your table in a spacious place, preferably in a garden, since you need to throw the die to a certain height for it to be legal. This legal height is usually around 8 feet, but you can change it up depending on your preferences.
  2. Split the table to two sides lengthwise with a black tape or by drawing. Each side is one team’s defensive field.
  3. If you are playing with chairs, set the 4 chairs near the 4 corners of the table symmetrically.
  4. Place the 4 cups on the corners of the table. They shouldn’t be dead near the corner, a good 10-15 cm space between the cup and the corner is advised. Using red plastic party cups is also a good idea since no one wants broken glass in their playing field.
  5. Pick your teams. Beer die can be played one-versus-one, but most of the time it is played two-versus-two, since it is more fun. More than 4 players are not allowed.
  6. Fill the cups with beer. You can fill them as much as you like, depending on how much you want to drink. Light beer is usually preferred since you don’t get drunk as quickly, but keep in mind that drinking the beer usually happens less in beer die compared to beer pong.

Playing Beer Die and The Rules

  1. Decide which team throws first. You can play rock-paper-scissors, flip a coin or throw the die and let the player that rolled a higher number go first. Some people let the eldest person throw first.
  2. The words 5 and 7 are referred to as “bizz” and “buzz” respectively. Saying one of these during the game is not allowed, and saying them results in you and your teammate chugging your drink and refilling them. This is often called “kill and fill”.
  3. Tap the dice on the table before throwing to let the other team know you are throwing. Throw the die to the opponents’ field underhanded while abiding the minimum height rule.
  4. Opposing team can catch the die after it bounces once, and if they do, no points are scored. If you are playing with chairs, you can leave your chair to catch the die. But the catch must be done by one hand and reaching over the plane of the table is not permitted. Catching the die by trapping it against any object or your body is also not permitted.
  5. If the opposing team can’t catch the die, the throwing team gets one point. If the die bounces from the throwing team’s field or the dividing line, the point goes to the opposing team and the thrower’s teammate has to chug his/her beer. If the thrower misses the table or the die falls off from its hand during the throw, one point goes to the opposing team. Likewise, if the throw is under the set minimum height, it is dead and does not count, and the thrower needs to chug his/her beer. If there is a debate on the height, the throw is repeated.
  6. If the die hits a cup, it is counted dead and no points are scored to either team.
  7. If the die lands inside a cup on the opposing side, it is known as a “plunk,” “splooge,” or a “sink”. It counts as 2 points and the opposing team must chug their beer and refill them. Also, the thrower gets to sign the table.
  8. If any player at any point spills their beer while playing, the opposing team automatically wins the game.
  9. If the die lands on the other side of the table with the number 5 facing up, the throwing team must kill and fill their beers.
  10. The first team to reach the predetermined score limit wins. These numbers are usually either 5 or 7. Some variations require you to win by 2 points, and the game goes on overtime until this is reached.
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