Beer Pong Rules and Strategies

Beer pong is one of the most well-known and loved party games out there. The simple rules, the drinking and the actual skill required to win make this an instant favorite among party-goers.

“It can be played by anyone of legal age and is really fun to both watch and play. While it may seem like a simple drinking game, beer pong has set rules and requires skill to win. In this article, we will talk about the rules of the game and some tips and tricks as to how you can win in beer pong.”

Beer Pong

What You Need

  1. A large amount of beer
  2. 12 or 20 16 oz plastic party cups, you know, those popular red ones
  3. A long table
  4. Ping-pong balls
  5. People to play with – you can either play with your friends or with the people at the party

Setting Up Beer Pong

1. Decide on the teams. Beer pong can be played either one-versus-one or two-versus-two. More players are usually not permitted.

2. Get 12 or 20 plastic party cups and arrange them so that there is a triangle made of 6 or 10 cups at each end of the table. The tip of each cup triangle should face the other’s tip.

3. Fill the cups with beer. You can either fill them halfway or a quarter, depending on how much you want to drink. Light beer is usually preferred so that people won’t get drunk so fast. All cups must have an equal amount of beer.

4. Clean the ping pong balls before starting the game and clean them with water after each throw.

5. Determine which team goes first. You can flip a coin or play a round of rock, paper, scissors. If you do not want to rely on luck, you can do the “eye-to-eye challenge”. One player from each team looks each other in the eyes and throw a ball into their opponent’s cups at the same time. If one scores and the other misses, the one that scored goes first. If they both score or the balls hit each other, they do the challenge again.


Beer pong is a very entertaining game suitable for playing with old friends and in new environments.


It is very easy to learn and anyone can play.

Playing the Game and the Rules

  1. Starting team begins by throwing a ball into their opponent’s cups. Each team gets one or two throws per turn depending on the player count. If they land a ball in a cup, the opposing team drinks the beer in that cup and removes it from the table. The main goal of the game is to eliminate all of the opposing team’s cups from the table.
  2. If a team lands 2 balls in the same cup, it is called a “bomb”. This can either mean an instant victory, or the opposing team drinks 1 extra cup (3 cups total) and the team gets to throw again. You can decide on these rules before the game starts.
  3. The shooting player’s elbow should not go over the table while throwing. This isn’t a strict rule as it is hard to keep track of while everybody is drunk. Just do not let players cheat by leaning too much forward.
  4. Each team gets 2 reracks per game, meaning they can rearrange the triangle they are shooting at. This is only allowed when there are 6, 4 or 2 cups left. You need to make a triangle shape on 6, a diamond on 4 and a line on 2.
  5. If someone lands a shot 3 times in a row, they are on “fire” and can keep throwing until they miss. You can’t rerack during a fire.
  6. The shooter can bounce the ball on the table, and if they score, it is counted as 2 cups. But if the opposing team sees the bounce, they have the right to hit the ball midair.
  7. If a ball is spinning on the rim a cup, which can happen often when there are many adjacent cups on the table, the other team can get the ball out. Girls need to blow out the ball while guys need to hit it with their fingers.
  8. After one team wins, the losing team can ask for a “rebuttal”. To win the rebuttal, each player from the losing team keeps shooting to the winning team’s remaining cups until they miss. If they finish all the cups without missing, game goes into overtime and each team gets a 3-cup triangle again.

Beer Pong Strategies

1. If you are new to beer pong, try both overhand and underhand to see which one you like.

2. Always arch your throws as this increases the likelihood of a score. If you shoot straight, the ball can bounce back from the rims of the cups.

3. Aim for the adjacent cups rather than solo ones.

4. Save your reracks until there are 4 and 2 cups remaining.

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