Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday Beer Making Kit Review

If you browse the forums or ask around in your happy hour friend group about home beer brewing, you will often hear things like “Yeah, I’d like to try making my own beer, but it is time consuming/expensive/hard/risky.” etc. Are they right? In some cases, yes, they are. But with the product we will review today, none of those excuses will have any legitimacy. Meet Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday Beer Making Kits.
When you look at the kit’s content, it is clear that Brooklyn Brew Shop wanted to keep this as simple, low-cost and newbie-friendly as possible. This kit has all the essentials while keeping the price very low compared to other craft beer kits. Let’s cross our fingers and get into the nitty-gritty.

Package Content

Package Content

– Everyday IPA making mix: grain, hops and yeast (Has other beer type options)

– 1-gallon reusable glass fermenter

– Glass spirit-filled thermometer

– Vinyl tubing

– Racking cane & tip

– Chambered airlock

– Brooklyn Brew Shop cleanser

– Screw-cap stopper

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Well-trusted: Home brewing kits are all over the place lately since craft beer is on the rise and everybody suddenly wants to experiment with different ingredients. Among them, Brooklyn Brew Shop’s beer making kits stand as some of the most trusted ones in the industry and they have been featured in many different magazines such as The New York Times, Nylon, Food & Wine, Glamour, Thrillist, Travel & Leisure, Vogue, Time Out and Martha Stewart.

Only the essentials: This package does not contain stuff like a strainer, funnel, pot, bottles and caps as these are the easiest ones to buy separately, nor do its contents have fancy functions. Everything is as simple as it gets, which is the factor that keeps its price this much lower than its competitors.

Online instructions: People in the Brooklyn Brew Shop are smart. They didn’t include an instructions sheet or DVD with this beer kit, because that would increase the price. Instead, they have extremely easy-to-follow instructions in their website in English, French and Spanish. If you actually start to enjoy brewing and want to upgrade to a larger batch, they have instructions for a 5-gallon batch too!


Cheap: Among its competitors, Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday Beer Making Kits are some of the cheapest home brew kits. But, as we stated above, this does not come from low quality, but rather from simplicity. Otherwise, all the equipment and ingredients in the kit are high quality.

The perfect gift: If you have a beer-loving friend or relative whose birthday is coming closer, a Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday Beer Making Kit is the perfect gift for them. Its price is just right and the equipment size is perfect for the first time brewing: It isn’t too big so that they’d have to commit to brewing or have space issues, but it is big enough for making the brewing process worth it.

Perfect for beginners: If I had only 3 words to describe Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday Beer Making Kits, they would be “perfect for beginners”. It is cheap, reliable, easy-to-use and does not take up much space.

Variety in beer types: Most other craft beer kits come with a fixed Lager Refill Pack. Yes, we do love Lagers, but having to buy separate refill packs when we want to change things up, especially in the first time, sucks. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday Beer Making Kits, however, are different. They have 19 (Yes, nineteen.) kits with different beer types, including oatmeal stout, chocolate maple porter, afternoon wheat, a whole bunch of different IPAs and so on.

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While it is the result of its low price, this kit obviously doesn’t have “everything”. Stuff like bottles, caps, bottle capper and a strainer (like a muslin bag) should be bought separately to get as much out of your batch as possible.

Also, if you are buying this for someone that isn’t very good with technology like elderly people, the lack of an instructions sheet or DVD can be inconvenient. Including these wouldn’t increase the price more than 1-2 dollars.

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Customer Reviews on Amazon

“This is a great place to start if you would like to start home brewing. It gives you more of a realistic big boy brewing experience than a Mr. Beer or similar extract brewing kit, and you can easily reuse all the equipment in making other small batches in the future. Realistically, if you really enjoyed brewing, you'll probably end up upgrading to a five-gallon setup, but it is nice to have a small fermenter for trying off recipe madness on your own. Don't feel cornered into buying the refills either, they are certainly convenient and Brooklyn's kits produce some really great beer, but you can definitely feel free to go buy ingredients yourself either online or at your local home brew shop.”

Joshua Giles

“Gift for our son, so don't know yet how he'll like being his own brewer. We also bought an "easy-siphon" from a local wine/beer supply store, along with a capping tool and a bag of caps. Also purchased two-dozen glass bottles, so the total cost was close to double what the basic kit cost. However, the Amazon description was clear about things included and not included, so we were duly prepared. Nice kit, well packaged, and arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. Maybe we'll do more on a rating after we've tasted his first batch!”

Michael C.
See All Customer Reviews on Amazon


If you want to start making beer at home but don’t want to risk bigger amounts of money or are looking for a great gift for a friend, look no further than Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday Beer Making Kits. An easy recommendation.


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Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday Beer Making Kit Review


Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday Beer Making Kit Review

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