Coopers DIY Beer Home Brewing Kit Review

If there is one thing that is more fun than trying out different beers, it is making beer at home. Not only you learn and appreciate the process of beer-making, but you also get to experiment endlessly and create your very own alcoholic beverage.
If you want to get started on home brewing, we have one of the best home craft beer kits on the market: Coopers DIY Beer Home Brewing Kit. It is one of the higher-value craft beer kits out there – especially for newbies – and has everything you need to start making beer at home. Without further ado, let’s review the product.

Package Content

Package Content

– Patented Fermenter with tap assembly

– Coopers Beer Hydrometer

– Beer mixing spoon

– 30 740ml Plastic PET Bottles with caps

– Coopers Brewing Thermometer

– Coopers Bottling Wand

– Coopers Lager Refill Pack

– Coopers All Grain Brewing Extract

– Proprietary Brewing Yeast

– Carbonation Drops


Price/Performance Ratio: Unlike most other craft beer kits, Coopers produces every ingredient in this package, which lets them keep the price lower while providing consistent quality across all the contents of the kit.

Patented Fermenter: It has everything to make brewing beer easy: a vented top to release the CO2 produced during fermentation, a built-in thermometer to display the brew temperature and an easy to clean snap tap to make the bottling super simple.

Oxygen-Barrier PET Beer Bottles: PET bottles are usually permeable to very small amounts of oxygen, but Coopers’ oxygen-barrier PET bottles minimize this effect. They are also much safer since they are shatter-proof.

Carbonation Drops: Pre-measured drops to make carbonating your beers simpler than ever before, rather than adding the sugar yourself.

Lager Refill Pack: This one comes with a 100% natural premium quality Lager Refill Pack, but you can separately buy Coopers’ American Porter, IPA, Brown Ale, Amber Ale or Pale Ale refill packs.



Everything you need: Of course, that is the point of a craft beer kit: It has to have everything you need. But Coopers’ price/performance ratio is higher than most other home brew kits out there; every ingredient in this package is of high-quality.

Easy to use: There are few ways to screw up the process with this kit. Every ingredient has an easy-to-understand purpose and simply following the steps will get you a good tasting beer.

Long-term brewing makes up for the cost: Sure, kit’s initial price may seem intimidating, but believe me, if you stick to it for a couple months, you will actually profit. Plus, as you experiment and get more experienced with home brewing, you will create better tasting, more unique beers in no time for a much lower price.



For the time being, there isn’t any Coopers Craft Beer Kit that has any other beer refill packs other than Lager. If you want to make a different beer, you will have to buy separate refill packs.

Also, while the kit’s PET bottles are better than most other plastic bottles out there, it is still not better than glass bottles for long-term bottling as they can leak CO2 and lose some carbonation. But if you keep the bottles cold and don’t store your beers for more than a couple of weeks, this will not pose a problem. They can even be better than glass bottles since they keep the cost lower and are reusable.

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Customer Reviews on Amazon

“- Bought the DIY kit about a year ago, and have completed 12 homebrews now. The actual Coopers kits are decent, and they are easily modified and made better, as there are a variety of recipes on the Coopers' forums and elsewhere. If you get into other types of kits or formulating your own recipes, the fermenter and other DIY equipment will still work great. After all, brewing is brewing.
I particularly like the clear plastic fermenter. It's nice to see what's going on, and the lack of airlock makes it simpler with no drawback, in my opinion. I like the plastic (PET) bottles as well, as I don't have to deal with capping or with exploding glass bottles. This is a great kit for people wanting to learn the basics and/or are low on space. It you get into more advanced brewing, you can continue using this equipment, and just add to it.”

Paul A. Petersen

“- This kit is great for someone getting into brewing. It literally has everything you need to get your 1st batch done. Then if you wanted to start brewing in a bag or partial extract all you need is another bucket, a racking siphon and a kettle. Thumbs up from me.
To check the product, price and more Amazon reviews, click here to head onto the product page.”

Amazon Customer
See All Customer Reviews on Amazon


Are you new to making beer at home? Do you want high quality beer brewing equipment that you can use for a lifetime? For both newbies and experienced brewers, this kit is a high-value, high-quality product that has everything you need.


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Coopers DIY Beer Home Brewing Kit Review


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