Craft A Brew Oktoberfest Ale Beer Kit Review

If there’s a thing much funnier and lovelier than drinking your favorite beer, this should be making your own at home. Here today, we’re going to go over the Oktoberfest Ale Beer Kit by Craft A Brew, a wallet-friendly and amazingly-instructive concepted stuff for beer lovers.

Craft A Brew Oktoberfest Ale Beer Kit Package Content

Package Content

  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 16 inches
  • Color: Clear
  • Item Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Yield: 1 gallon

What’s in the Box?

  • 1-gallon Glass Carboy
  • Funnel
  • Racking Cane
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Transfer Tubing
  • Tubing Clamp
  • Airlock
  • Thermometer
  • Guide to Craft Brewing
  • Sanitizer
  • Oktoberfest Ale Recipe Kit
Craft A Brew Oktoberfest Ale Beer Kit Box

Craft A Brew Oktoberfest Ale Beer Kit: General Features

Making Your Own Beer Is Now So Easy

If you want to be more than a beer drinker; this kit makes you a maker of your own beer. The freedom, pleasure, fun and experience coming with making your own beer are provided you by Craft A Brew with this amazingly useful package.

Meet with The Oktoberfest Brew

A true beer lover knows that Germans are famous for Oktoberfest-style brew in the beverage world. And this kit makes you enjoy this dainty. After the carbonation process of your beer, just allow it to cool in fridge and reach the Oktoberfest elegancy easily.

A Perfect Starter Kit by Craft A Brew

The package has a concept of helping your first time in your home brew. It teaches you how to enhance your beer experience with its included Craft A Brew Guide.

Quality Product Means Excellent Results

Prepared in Orlando, Florida, USA; Craft A Brew provides you with the freshest ingredients of the American craft beer market. And each unit is designed elegantly, made of recycled and reusable material. Thus, your money, endeavor and time become into an enjoyment of your favorite-aroma beer, also in the right style.

General Features

What Makes This Kit the King of the Hill?

Step-by-step Guide to Brew Your Own Craft Beer

What makes this kit favorite is the manual included inside the package: Guide to Craft Brewing. This book has an easy introduction for beer lovers trying to brew their own flavor for the first time. It shows you that brewing is just like cooking or preparing your favorite snack or something like that. Even if you’re a novice home brewer, the passion of making your own stuff seems like strongly enough thanks to this beer kit.

Cost-efficient Stuff

With its educatory concept and efficacious resources, this kit is worth a lot more than its price tag. Everything you need to learn about home brewing style beer is provided you with just around $45.

Some Tiny Bads

Along with its quality additions, clearly written guide book and Germany Oktoberfestie atmosphere, there are some other things the customers complain about.

The package doesn’t include any bottles or brew pot, which can be an extra cost on top of this kit. On the other hand, you can erase this con easily with just making use of the surplus bottles or mason jars.

One other issue actually depends on your expectations about this kit. The package doesn’t bear any feature of lasting for so much time but of giving the newbie home brewers what they want. So, you shouldn’t hope this unit to be a kind of everlasting equipment for your extra-huge beer plans.

Some Tiny Bads
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Customer Reviews on Amazon

“We are halfway through our first brew! This kit is absolutely fabulous. The directions are super clear and easy to follow. Upon arrival, I noticed that our glass thermometer was broken. I reached out to the company, and they immediately had another one in the mail to me. I have never experienced such good customer service! I look forward to tasting my brew in a few weeks!”


“This was my first stab at home brew, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow, the beer came out great.”

Brian Waymack
See All Customer Reviews on Amazon

Final Thoughts

If you’re into a simple-starter way to make your own craft beer and having fun through it, this kit is just for you. And don’t forget, if you really want to learn more about brewing your own stuff, that $45 you spend in this kit won’t disappoint you in any way. Stay crafty!


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Some Tiny Bads


Craft A Brew Oktoberfest Ale Beer Kit Review

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